Visionary is a research project for web accessibility solutions for people presenting some form of colour blindness.

About the project

It is funded by the Belgium region of Wallonia and is carried out by a team of researchers from an undergraduate school (l’HEAJ), a university (centre PReCISE de l’Université de Namur) and a private company (Dogstudio). This partnership is complemented by two associations specialized in accessibility which provide councel and advise to the research team: AWIPH and Accetics.



assess and evaluate the current state of knowledge on dyschromatopia (explore the existing literature, meet colorblind people and examine the phenomenon using eye tracking techniques);


Assess the current and past accessibility solutions for colourblindness;


Gather and promote inclusive design practices for web designers and developers ;


Conceive and realize a list of software improving the color rendering to reduce errors in the use of digital media.

The research started in september 2014

And will end in September 2017


Our intention is to produce the following deliverables:

Clientside software

Browser plugin or native would allow to adapt the colour rendering to the user's specific color perception and pre-diagnose his or her type and degree of color blindness. The software would adapt the screen colors according to the specific html tags.

An expert system

This deliverable will analyse the users' test results in order to provide insight as to the required adaptation parameters for a given profile. This would then be used by the clientside software to automatically adapt the colour rendering.

A pedagogic tool

An online resource enticing web designers and web developers to be aware of the importance to adapt their work to colour blind people and how to do it via a few simple tips and tricks.

W3C standards

Design a library of html tags and attributes allowing to describe elements of the interface that need to be adapted to colour blind people.